Water Park “Vichy” in Vilnius

The mission of Vichy water park is to give joy to every visitor, to surprise with number of events and entertainments, to present an unforgettable gift of leisure full of exotic experiences.

The theme of the park is welcoming and exotic Polynesian islands, called the last paradise on earth. You can notice this atmosphere from the locker rooms, reception, attractions, swimming pools, employees’ clothing, music, food and drinks in bars.


Price from: €15.
Open: All year.

Water park in Druskininkai

In the water park of Druskininkai any day of the year is summer because ambient temperature is 30 degrees and the water – 28 degrees.

Visit the wonderful world of saunas and baths, bathe like in the waves of the sea or in the stream of the river, relax in the 18 bathrooms equipped according to the traditions of different countries – Finnish, Roman, Turkish, Russian and so on.

All bathrooms have different inside, temperature, moisture level and effect to your health. The interior of the bathrooms is decorated with frescos, columns and oriental ornaments. We also offer various programs in the baths and treatment of honey or salt, aromas of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon and others.

For visitors of all age water park offers many ways to spend their free time and relax – pools, attractions, sourcing river, jacuzzi, waterfalls, beauty and massage parlours, bars and cafes. For the youngest visitors there are smaller pools with Resort “Marsas”.
Druskininkai water park gives visitors plenty of entertainment, interesting events, concerts, laser shows and good cheer!
There can be more than 1500 visitors in this Water Park.


Druskininkai Water Park working hours:

Monday – Thursday from 10 to 22 h
Friday, Saturday and holidays from 10 to 23 h
Sundays from 10 to 21 h