Water sports

Canoe rental in Vilnius

British canoe outings organized by the rivers of the province of Vilnius.

Tourist routes a day or more for the rivers of Aukštaitija and Dzūkija:
• Lakaja River;
• Žeimena River;
• Merkys River;
• Mera River;
• And other rivers in Aukštaitija and Dzūkija as needed.

Extreme departures of several hours (~ 4h) in the city of Vilnius:
• Vilnelė River;
• River Vokė;

Tours organized in Vilnius:
• Vilnius at Night by the River Neris;
• The beautiful Vilnelė (Pavilniai Regional Park, Pūčkoriai exposure, Republic of Užupis, Sereikiškiai Park, center of Vilnius).

• Vilnius by the river Neris.

Canoe rental price – from €10 / person.


“Vilnius by night” – a stunning route in canoes down

It is a unique and unforgettable entertainment. The descent down the river at night will cause the extraordinary feeling that you can not even imagine and entering Vilnius at night will be amazing. We recommend it to everyone because each one is worthy to have such experience.

Duration of the tour – can last from 1 pm to 4 pm;

Canoe rental price – €10 / person;
Path: end of trip – the center of Vilnius.


Canoe rental on the river Vilnelė (Vilnia) in Vilnius

It is the best route in Lithuania for canoeing. If you choose this route, you will experience extreme sensations and will also have a unique opportunity to admire the scenery of Pavilniai Regional Park, Pučkoriai exposure (height – more than 65 m, width – 260 m.), Refinements of the Republic of Užupis, Sereikiškiai park, and into the river Neris to contemplate the city center. For additional cost we offer guide service.


Canoe rental in Aukštaitija

We offer canoe outings by wonderful rivers and lakes of Ignalina. We may find Ginučiai – the heart of Aukštaitija National Park . Experience unforgettable sensations! During the outings with canoe we visit ethnographic, cultural and architectural objects. Know the unique nature of Aukštaitija East.


Fishing in the sea and the lagoon

Location: Klaipėda
Price (weekdays and holidays): €80 per person
Minimum / maximum number of people: 2 fishing boats with 5 – 10 people.
Preparation needed: depends on the season.


Canoe rental

Upon request, we recommend the route, deliver the canoes to the site agreed.

Canoes are rented-registered with the life jacket and oars.

Canoe rental price for two people €20 per day.

We have special offers for large groups.


Yacht in the Kaunas Lagoon

Yachting in Kaunas Lagoon is an excellent entertainment for admirers of quiet rest. When navigating the lagoon you will see not only the monastery of Pažaislis, visit Rumšiškės lagoon and the island of Birds, but will also be able to see more closely the Kaunas hydroelectric, see the sights of the lake and hills. Here you can relax and enjoy the waves of the lagoon, the sun and the breeze …

There can be a group of 8 people on the yacht . Sneakers or flat shoes are necessary. There are no requirements for clothing. You can only do it during the summer. Early booking.

Price: 1 hour – €40



If you think they have tried it think that it is true. Have you ever been under the water and discovered the beauty of this world?

Diving is a hobby that everyone wants to experience. But not everyone knows that you can dive not only to the shores of the Mediterranean but also in Lithuania.
Diving is organized in good weather and not only because it is always wet under the water. You will have more fun diving when the sun shines.
You can dive in the provinces of Trakai, Molėtai, Švenčionys or Zarasai. If a group of people wants to dive we can go to any corner of Lithuania with all the equipment.
Before the dive we give instructions of how you will feel under water and what you will have to do and after several exercises the unknown underwater world awaits you.

6 people can dive at once.

This service is provided to the adults and those who can swim.

Price: €100 per person.


Regatta – competition in Trakai

Regatta races in boats on the lake Galvė. If you want to organize a regatta it takes at least two boats with crews. So a group of people is divided into two groups of 2 to 5 people. Before starting the competition participants agree on the distance (depending on seasonal conditions) and time that can be spent on the distance (depends on your choices).

* Sailing requires at least an hour;

* Most in Lithuania do not know how to navigate and how the sailing works, but this is not a problem.

When the crew boards the yacht, the captain gives the instructions on the control of yacht (it’s not complicated). For that they need about 10 minutes. After the navigation instructions are given the control of the yacht goes to the hands of novices. For security, the captain has the right to use the yacht.

The yachts are different, like people, so the crews and captain of the yacht will be chosen randomly.

Price (weekdays and holidays): Route 40 min. – €40, an hour – €50.
One yacht can contain from 1 to 6 people.

Renting a yacht for the race: one hour – €70 (min-1, max-5 people)
The sailing time is counted every half an hour. During the race a yacht can contain from 1 to 5 people.

Yacht rental for the entire day (from 10:00 to 18:00): working days – €200, holidays – €250.