Kaunas: room for shooting

Have you ever thought about being the star of an action movie? Shoot the terrorists of an AK-47 or M16? Would you like to try a shooting on moving target? We invite you to the shooting club located in the Mega Mall.



The arch is one of the oldest weapons generally used in hunting and battle. Archery is the existential balance between earth and sky. We offer a new activity! We invite you to test the aim of the arrow and feel it’s strength when piercing the air . Since the Middle Ages archery was very popular not only among professionals but also among the curious who want to test their strength and possibilities. And not just for the young ones! They welcome both men and women of all ages because it’s never too late to have new experiences!

Spend the time together by shooting static targets placed on the firing range in nature. Make offers to your friends and make the reservation, we organize competitions and find out who is the best among others.

The price per person for 2-3 hours is €12.