Quads (ATV)

Quads in Vilnius

Are you bored and want to experience something new? Some adventure? Come and try our quads!

ATV is an attempt to put together the car and motorbike. ATV today is a specific method of transport which is distinguished from other types of motorcycles.

They are adapted to ride on farms, in the forests, for hunting and so on. And for your spare time!

30 min: €40.
1 hour: €70.


Quads in all Lithuania

Rides with quads are organized at any day of the year. You can see how the snow disappears, bathe in rivers in summer, pick mushrooms in the fall and play in the snow in winter.

Powerful Yamaha Bruin ATVs can exceed all limits. Instructors will train you the technique and help along the way.

„The elephant race

It is a perfect pastime for a large group of people. Each participant knows the ATV and its control on the way. During the race trying to get as quickly as possible. The viewers become fans hoping their team to return.

It’s a circuit with natural and artificial twisties. The level depends on location. The circuit is of 0.5-2 km. The number of participants recommended is 10-40. Price is €300-1.5H. €600 – 3H.


ATV in Lithuania

We organize outings anywhere in Lithuania, forests or fields. Preparation of different types of circuits.

Number of participants from 2 to 50 or more.

Prizes for the winners.

Price: from €500 + VAT.