Strikeball in Šiauliai: Wear military uniform and take the weapon

Location: according to customer preference – the battle in the forest (~ 15 km from Šiauliai, direction Kuršėnai ) with the resort or the battle in buildings (in the territory of Šiauliai airport, Zokniai). BIO bullets are used.

Description of Activity:

Would like to play war? Did you always want to direct the soldiers or simply fulfill the orders? You will have the possibility to experience this in the field of imitations of real guns that shoot 6 mm bullets.
Each player will receive the clean uniform, hat, gloves, goggles, military belt, gun, 3 boxes of 210 bullets. The spectators will get goggles.

Temporary conditions do not matter, the most important is the spirit of combat. Also if you can play 20 degrees below zero.
1. Price (weekdays and holidays): Lieutenant package: 210 Bullets €30 per person, gunner package: 500 Bullets €40 per person.
2. Minimum / maximum number of people: from 8 people to 30 people.


Airsoft (also known as StrikeBall)

The club “Legionas” invites interested parties to spend free time in action and try airsoft tactics.Games take place in the territory of 6 hectares, near the Regional Park Lake in the 5 th stronghold of the fortress of Kaunas. The special stages, the impressive environment and recreation centers after the game will leave the best memories.

Number of players – 30
Price – only €20
(With 1000 beads)

Duration: 3 h.
The player’s package consists : replicas of M-15 or AK-47, 1000 balls, goggles, uniform pants, jacket, hat, gloves. The additional balls are purchased separately.

For the convenience of the players we have 2 dressing rooms, 40 parking spaces, shower, toilet and two playgrounds.


Paintball in Kaunas

The club “Legionas” invites interested parties to spend free time in action and try paintball sports. The games take place in the territory’s unique regional park Kaunas Lagoon, in the 5 th stronghold of the fortress of Kaunas. We offer 6 courses designed especially for this game, the wonderful setting of the fort and recreation areas which will leave a good impression of our place.

Number of players: 70 (if necessary 100)

Price: €20 standard package (100 balls)
The extra package: €25 (200 balls)

Duration: up to 4 hours.

The player’s package consists : Tippmann 98 marker, safety mask, CO2 capsule, 100 or 200 balls, clothing, pants, jacket, hat, gloves.
For the convenience of players: 2 dressing rooms, 40 parking spaces, shower, toilet, 2 playgrounds, there is a paintball equipment shop.


Paintball in Klaipėda

€20 per person. At least 8 people.


Strikeball “Mission 5 hours” in Vilnius and other cities

Strikeball “MISSION” – 5 hours of action

The mission begins. Future soldiers learn to shoot and other curiosities of the military. Participants carry guns of MP5 M16 model.

“Boot camp”

* Crawl under barbed wire with bullets passing over;

* Camouflage;

* Throw daggers to the whites;

* Imitations of battles with knives;

* Cross the river above using the rope;

* Throw grenades from the trench.

Short hike in the forest

Soldiers familiarize with the terrain. They learn to regroup in the case of attack.

Multifaceted defense

Soldiers using the tactics of the multifaceted defense defend the territory while waiting for the group to evacuate. Soldiers carry the wounded to safety.

Finally the food!

We share the military food packages. The packages are heated. Do not forget to leave your armament while eating.

Sergeants receive 500 bullets, food package. Have to comply with orders, attack, defense, spy etc. It will be challenging. There is nothing like the quiet life of a civilian.


Monday to Thursday 5 hours for the Mission – €40.

From Friday to Sunday (holidays) – €50.


Paintball – Games in Vilnius and other cities

Package for Soldier

Rental of Marker
Rental of clothing
200 bullets
Free: smoke grenades.

Price from Monday to Thursday: €12, from Friday to Sunday – €20. Minimum number of players – 12 people.