Cultural events


Cinema Spring (late March – early April)

It is an international film festival held in late March and early April. During the festival people in Lithuanian capitaland many visitors in the city can enjoy the best Lithuanian local and international cinema . We present the most outstanding films of the year, we organize meetings with authors and creative groups.

Festival of folk music “Skamba skamba kankliai” (June)

It is a folk music festival that takes place in late May and early June. It’s a great way to celebrate the arrival oflonger and warmer days . The festival is one of the biggest in the Baltic countries and is widely known in the region. During these days the capital attracts not only the musicians from neighboring countries but also from other European countries.

Classical Music Festival (June-July)

For lovers of classical music Vilnius offers unforgettable immersion into the world of notes. For a whole month the Lithuanian capital is filled with the sounds of various ages and various countries, sound works of composers bothfamous and the least known. Several professional musicians from around the world fill concert halls andnumerous churches of the city with the magical spirit.

National holiday (July 6)

It is the anniversary of the coronation of King Mindaugas, the only king of Lithuania. During this day, which is a holiday, several fairs, shows of historical theme, struggles among the knights of medieval and traditional musicconcerts take place at the time.

Capital Days (early September)

It is the largest festival of the Lithuanian capital to be held in early September in the old town and the main central streets of Vilnius and that becomes the center of the concerts of pop bands, street theater performances,performances of tightrope walkers and other events that give life to the city for several days.

Sea Festival (late July)

The Sea Festival takes place in the only port of Lithuania – Klaipėda and it is held on the last or the penultimateweekend of July. Every year the festival is different, with different events and different styles. Visitors can taste thebeer from the local brewery and taste the typical dishes in the positions that are located along the river Dane. One of the highlights is the exhibition of artists and artisans. Apart from listening to various genres of music, eating, drinking and learning about the craft and the traditional art of western Lithuania visitors can also watch thebeautiful yachts that visit the port during the festival.

Pažaislis Festival (summer)

Pažaislis Festival takes place in the monastery of Kaunas, a picturesque town on the banks of the longest river inLithuania. It is a festival that lasts all summer and is dedicated to classical music but in reality the variety of stylespasses the limits of this. Many events are free and take place in the churches of the second city of Lithuania. Thefestival participants come from various places in the world, including America, Japan, Canada, Germany, Russia, Hungary etc.

Folklore music festival “SKAMBA SKAMBA KANKLIAI”

It is a folk music festival that takes place between the end of May and the beginning of June in Vilnius. It is a great way to celebrate the arrival of the long hot days of the year. The festival is one of the biggest, that is held in the Baltic countries and is widely known in the region. During these days the capital attracts not only the musicians from neighboring countries but also from other European countries.

Sea festival

The Sea Festival takes place in the only Lithuania’s port Klaipėda and is held on the last or on the last but one weekend of July. Every year the festival presents different events and different styles that attract many tourists and visitors to enjoy the most important festival in the city. Visitors can taste the local beer, Švyturys, and try local dishes at the numerous stalls that are located along the river Danė. One of the highlights in the festival is the exhibition of artists and artisans. In addition to listening to different genres of music, eating, drinking and learning about the crafts and traditional art of the western part of Lithuania, visitors can see beautiful yachts and boats that visit the port Klaipėda during the festival.

Days of the capital (early September)

It is the biggest festival of the Lithuanian capital held in early September in the old town. The main central streets of Vilnius become the center of the concerts of pop music groups, street theater performances and other events that give life to the city for several days.

International classical music festival of Pažaislis

The Pažaislis Music Festival takes place in the monastery of Pažaislis in Kaunas, a picturesque place on the banks of the river Nėris. It is a festival that lasts all summer and is dedicated to classical music but in reality music sounds in various styles. Many events that are part of the festival are free and are held in different churches in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second city. The participants of the festival come from several different places as the United States, Japan, Canada, Argentina, etc.




International Jazz Festival (April)

The Jazz Festival was held in Tallinn for 21st time in the year of 2010. They planed more than 40 jazz music concerts with artists and musicians from various countries. The music during this festival sounds not only inrooms but also in the public space of the city: streets, squares, etc.

Puppet Theatre Festival (May)

It is a wonderful event that attracts fans of puppet shows and people seeking fun and creativity. Apart from the shows this unforgettable festival features fair where artisans exhibit their work.

Nargen Festival (June-August)

The festival is held throughout the summer and attracts people from various places on the shores of the Baltic Sea to enjoy the charm of the opera, drama and classical concerts. Each year there is held a different event that offers a comprehensive program for all tastes. The year 2010 is dedicated to two famous composers of Estonia -Arvo Pärt and Veljo Tormis.

Kuressaare Maritime Festival (August)

This festival is a great event in Estonia. Held during the first weekend of August and attracts people not only fromEstonia but also from neighboring countries. It is celebrated on the island Saaremaa and the program is full of entertainment, lectures near the sea, boats and ships exhibitions, musical programs, crafts fair, flea markets,concerts. It is an excellent opportunity to test the traditional food of Estonia.

North Livonia Festival (June)

The festival is held annually the first Saturday in June in Häädemeeste. This festival is visited by many people interested in history and traditional culture. You can also find many craft markets and participate in dance competitions and sea shanties.

Tallinn Maritime Days (July)

Tallinn Maritime Days are held in the maritime area of Tallinn and offer city residents and visitors many activitiesand events related to the sea and the life of a port. During these days people can enjoy numerous concerts of various genres of music and other cultural and sporting events accompanied by craft markets and fairs.

International Festival of Orthodox Music “Credo” (October)

This festival has been celebrated since 1994 to study and develop music culture. Visitors can enjoy the Orthodox culture, choirs and musicians from various monasteries and churches from various countries. Here old and new forms of church music blend and all that is followed by the beginning of autumn in Estonia.

Puppet Theatre Festival (May)

It is a wonderful event that attracts lovers of puppet shows and people looking for fun and creative entertainment. Apart from the shows this unforgettablefestival offers the fair where artisans exhibit their work.

Narges Festival (June-August)

The festival is celebrated during the summer and attracts people from various places on the shores of the Baltic Sea to enjoy the charm of the opera, drama and classical concerts. Each year there is a different event that offers a comprehensive program for all tastes.

Kuressaare Sea Festival (August)

This festival is a great event in Estonia. Held during the first weekend in August and attracts people not only from Estonia but also from neighborhood. It is celebrated on the island Saaremaa and the program is full of entertainment, lectures on the sea, ships and aircraft exhibits, musical programs, crafts fair, flea markets, concerts. It is an excellent opportunity to try the traditional food of Estonia.

North Livonia Festival (June)

The festival is held on the first Saturday of June in Häädemeeste. It is visited by a lot of people interested in history and traditional culture. You can also find many craft markets and participate in dance and sea songs competitions.

Tallinn Maritime Days (July)

Tallinn Maritime Days are held in Tallinn sea area and offer locals and visitors many activities and events related to the sea. During these days people can enjoy the numerous concerts of various music genres and other cultural and sporting events accompanied by markets and craft fairs.

International Orthodox Festival Music “Credo”(October)

It has been celebrated since 1994 to study and develop musical culture. Visitors can enjoy the Orthodox culture, the choirs and musicians from various monasteries and churches from various countries.




The day of St. John

It is the festival celebrated on the night of June 23 and is the most famous and celebrated festival in Latvia. Mostactivities are held outside the city and the main party element is fire. It is the night when people pick flowers and herbs. There is a tradition to decorate the heads of the men who are called Janis (the most common name in Latvia) with the crown of oak leaves. They sing traditional songs, eat traditional food and drink homemade beer.

The country music festival

Bauska is celebrated in early July for 2-3 days. It attracts musicians from all over Europe and the United Statesand offers a variety of country music concerts. It’s a good chance to escape from the city and enjoy the family atmosphere of festival.

The Jazz Festival

Held annually in late July. It’s a great event visited by the artists from Latvia and abroad. They play the best musicon the shores of the Baltic Sea in Saulkrasti. It is a wonderful place easily accessible from the main railwaystation in Riga.

International Music Festival “Riga Rythms”

It is a festival held in early July in Riga with a variety of international music to the inhabitants of the capital of Latviaand visitors of this wonderful city in summer.

Sigulda Opera Festival

It is a festival that is celebrated in a small town called Sigulda which is famous for its unique past and its monuments. It is an outdoor festival and apart from enjoying the opera visitors can spend the day visiting the castles of Livonia in the Gauja National Park.

Music festival and medieval art

Those who are interested in medieval culture of Northern Europe are invited to the music festival and medieval artshow held in early August. Here visitors are moved several centuries back to the Middle Ages, taste medievalfood, see the costumes of the Middle Ages and participate in events.

“Liepaja Dzintars”

It’s the biggest rock music festival which is famous in Latvia and held annually since 1964 in late August. There are many groups in Latvia and neighboring countries to offer visitors a spectacle of live music at one of the mostbeautiful cities of Latvia.

Opera Festival in Sigulda

It is a festival which is held in a small town called Sigulda. It is famous for its past and its unique monuments. It is an outdoor festival and apart from enjoying the opera visitors can spend the day visiting the castles of Livonia in the Gauja National Park.

St. John‘s day (Midsummer)

It is the festival which is celebrated on the night of June 23 and is the most famous and celebrated festival in Latvia. Most activities are held outside the city and the main element is the fire festival. It is the night when people are picking flowers and herbs. There is a tradition to decorate the heads of men who are called Janis (the most common name in Latvia) with the crown of oak leaves. They sing traditional songs and eat traditional food accompanied by homemade beer.

Country music festival

Bauska is celebrated in the beginning of July for 2-3 days. It attracts musicians from all over Europe and the United States and offers a wide variety of country music concerts. It’s a good chance to escape from the city and enjoy the family atmosphere in this festival.


It is held in the end of July. It is a great event, which attracts the artists of Latvia and abroad where they play the best music on the shores of the Baltic Sea in Saulkrasti. It is a wonderful place easily accessible from the main railway station in Riga.

International Music Festival “Riga Rhythms”

It is a festival held in early July in Riga and offers a variety of international music to the inhabitants of the Latvia’s capital and to visitors in this wonderful city in summer.

Festival of medieval art and music

The music festival of medieval art, which is held in early August, invites those who are interested in medieval culture of Northern Europe. Here visitors are moved to the middle ages, taste medieval food, take a look at the costumes of the middle ages and participate in events.

Liepaja Dzintars”

It is the most famous festival of rock music in Latvia, held since 1964 in the end of August. Many groups from Latvia and neighboring countries come here to offer visitors a live music show in one of the most beautiful cities of Latvia.