Air sports

Motor gliders in Vilnius.

A new invention – motor glider is defined as a motor device standing behind the pilot.

We can organize it anywhere with the help of a professional pilot who will take you to the sky like birds.
The motor glider rises about 500 m, so we can see the entire city of Vilnius.

Duration 30min. There is enough time to get used to and enjoy.

There is a possibility for free photos and videos.

The price is €80.


Paragliders in Birštonas: The flight with paragliding

Want to go up and fly like a bird without engine side and without limits? Feel true freedom? Come to Birštonas and fly in tandem glider without an engine! The flight can take several hours if desired, and if seasonal conditions are favorable.

For one person only. Wear comfortable shoes and sportswear.

Price (weekdays and holidays):
15 minute flight – €40.
1 hour flight – €80.


Fly with an airplane!

The plane is in Paluknys airfield, near Vilnius, but we can reach any airfield or airport of Lithuania.

Up to 3 people can fly.

It is not necessary to arrive at the same airport but the time of returning to the aircraft is included (but it is shorter because pilot flies back faster alone ). We can recommend the flight route, you can correct the route during the flight if you want to because the price depends on time.

You can not fly above the old town, parliament, other strategic objects.

But the pilot knows all the sites so it will be resolved before the flight.

The minimum is one lap around the airfield – lasts 10 minutes. But the most important route is the flight in Trakai – 25 minutes.

Flight 25 min: €120.
One-hour flight: €200.


Balloon flight in Kaunas

Balloon flights are made not only when it is clear because the most important condition is the light wind near the surface (up to 20km / h) and time without rainfall. Balloons can rise from any territory large enough and protected from the wind.

Most flights are organized in Kaunas and place of the departure depends on wind direction to pass the center of the city and offer passengers the ultimate experience. We can also come to another site in Lithuania with one or more balloons and go from one to four passengers.

The balloons are prepared in 20-30 minutes and the flight takes an hour or an hour and a half.
The balloon is transported by a car, after the flight passengers and the balloon are carried back to the place where the flight started . People who fly for the first time receive the diploma of flight.

Price (weekdays and holidays): from €150 per person.

Minimum / maximum of people: 3-4. We can carry 2 people as well but the price would be €400.


Parachutes in Kaunas

Want to jump with a parachute? You are a true adventurer!

Beat the fear!

Those who jump for the first time have to listen to instructions and know how to use the parachute. Children under 16 and those weighing over 80 kilos can not jump. We recommend to wear sports clothes and make a reservation a week in advance. Jump is from a 800 meters height. Organized at weekends in good weather.


Parachute round – €50, sporting parachute – €80, with the instructor – €130.


Hang gliding in Kaunas

It is a specific flight, unlike other types of flights. It is the best way to feel the wind on a hot summer day. It is an unforgettable event.

Duration 10 min. Price per person – €40.


Paragliding in Kaunas and Vilnius

The flight with tandem paraglider.
Minimum number of people – 3. Flight duration – 5 min.

Price per person: €40.


Aerobatics in Kaunas

If you’re not a rookie in the air, fit and want to experience something new, try the aerobatics.

* Aircraft speed over 400km / h;
* Your weight increases up to 7 times;
Fly and experience which means the burden of +7 G-5G.

Duration 12 min, price €220. A 10 – minute easier flight, price €190.


Scenic flight in the MS-893 aircraft in Kaunas

If you have never flown in a small aircraft and it is your first time, we recommend the French aircraft flying in the MS-893 for three people. We fly at the height of 300 meters, visibility 50 km. Behold the most beautiful landscapes of Lithuania.

Flight time about 12 min.
Price for one person €50.
Price for three people €100.